Issue 10 for the people of Akron and by the people of Akron will increase public safety and trust by creating permanent change to help Akron heal.


I endorse the citizens’ charter amendment and ask every citizen to join me in voting YES on Issue 10!
This amendment would establish an independent review board and prioritize de-escalation and better community-police relations. It is imperative that we codify this board in the charter now to ensure the people’s voice and will remain intact for years to come and not subjected to the politics of the day. Vote YES on Issue 10!
– N. J. Akbar, Ph.D.
President, Board of Education
Akron Public Schools

This charter amendment is a citizen-lead initiative that outlines a strategy to improve police-community relations. Over 7,500 Akron residents signed a petition to propose mandates that will increase transparency and accountability; require more training and support for law enforcement, and establish policies and procedures allowing citizens to provide oversight, support and have positive interaction with police officers.
– Senator Vernon Sykes

We support justice and equity for all our brothers and sisters in Akron. We think that Issue 10 which came from the citizens and will include their voice in policing matters, is a good step towards building trust between the community and the police.
Akron Area Interfaith Council

I am endorsing Issue 10 because I have and do take a vested interest in this community, our children, seniors and civic officials. Akron is the primary city I have been most proud of for decades. I wish to remain so!
– Rev. Dr. Alicia J. Malone

This Issue 10 Amendment gives us the tools to assure fairness and accountability within our community at large.
– Theresa Carter

Our Chapter of Moms Demand Action for Gun sense in America is working closely with our community partners in Akron to make local residents and police officers safer from ALL forms of violence.
Akron-Canton Chapter, Moms Demand Action for Gun Sense in America

André Washington and

Sheena Mason and

It is the correct move to make towards substantial change in this community.
– Rev. Dr. Alicia J. Malone, Director

It is necessary to improve policing practices while reducing potential barriers to equity and equality in the City of Akron. The process of improving police-community relations must involved the community.
Rebecca Callahan

This is a very important issue in our community.
– Akron AIDS Collaborative
Steve Arrington, Executive Director

It is the fair and just thing to do for our city. Be inclusive. Let the people decide.
– Lillie Jackson

It will assure Akron citizens that their police are acting professionally, and if they are not, they will be held accountable.
Alison Seefeldt

Akron needs this!
– Margaret Maurer

I believe in the cause.
Bilford Clark

We need ongoing sensitivity training and oversight of our police department and creating an oversight board with community members will help do that.
Michelle Gravlin

I think this is fair for us to have a community review board.
Keith Munnerlyn

I think this is the right thing to do.
Melvin Lightner

It is fair to include the people in Akron Ohio. Be fair.
Malcolm Jackson

Akron needs a permanent Citizens’ Police Oversight Board that is authorized in the city charter and does not depend on a particular mayor or city council for its existence. Thousands of Akron voters signed a petition to place this charter amendment on the ballot. Now let’s take the next step and vote to make the Citizens’ Police Oversight Board a reality, accountable to the people of Akron.
Leah Holden

We are endorsing the Akron Charter Amendment Issue 10 because it exemplifies best practices and the type of policing reforms our Action teams have been fighting for in Akron, and all of Ohio.
Akron Interfaith Social Justice Group (AISJG)

Issue 10 is a step toward accountability and transparency in policing in Akron. Most importantly, it is citizen driven.
Rev. Dr. Joyce Penfield

The city of Akron has repeatedly acknowledged the need for a citizen review board but has yet to take the steps necessary to institute policies which have been discussed, reviewed and approved. Issue 10 is needed for the community to heal and move forward.
Barbara Kaplan

It’s clear that Akron needs to do something different. Our law enforcement system isn’t working when Black people are afraid of the police, and when Black men are disproportionately targeted by the police. We need a system with more transparency and accountability, so that ALL people can trust the police, and the police can do their job of keeping our community safe for ALL people. The Police Oversight Board is a start.
– Laurie Zuckerman

This is by the people. For the people.
– Judi Hill, President Akron Chapter NAACP

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    Press Kit Released

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    Petitions Are In!

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